Most of the classroom supplies are included in tutition. Students will have access to the tools they need to complete each project. However, there are a few items that you will need to bring with you.

Supply List
  • Work apron 
  • Scissors 
  • Pencil
  • Ball point pen 
  • Sun screen- as some of our classes will be taught outside if weather allows.
  • Paint brushes- varying sizes.  This set would work well. Make sure you have a fine brush for detail and a large flat brush for glazing. You will most likely need to purchase the large brush separate.
  • Paint- if you want specific colors. Paint will be available to use, however it is suggested you bring your own if you have a color scheme in mind. Any acrylic paints will work. Martha Stewart recently came out with her own line of acrylic paints which are sold in craft stores. They are small and cheap and they come in really nice colors.
  • Paper ephemera- maps, dictionaries, old illustrations, labels, postage stamps etc.
  • Gel Medium or Modge Podge (matte is suggested, but if you prefer a high gloss that will work)
  • Image- (Pop Art Class) you will need to find a subject for your canvas. Look for a photo with good contrast and personality. Students will be required to email their image to April two weeks prior to class so that she can prepare a working copy. There will be a couple stock images for those who don't wish to find their own.
  • T-shirt (1-2) or some other item that you would like to use for the silk screen class. Natural fibers are best. Items made of very rough fabric, such as canvas, will not work as well as smoother materials. There will also be blank items that you can purchase.
  • Cash if you think you might like to buy some of our artisans work that will be for sale. You will also be able to purchase extra supplies for most of the classes.

With Benjamin Meeker

This class will introduce students to the world of printing. Working on a Challenge Proof Press, students will press their own set of twelve cards. There will be a selection of eight different plates with varying images to choose from. Students will also learn to mix their own ink colors using a Pantone guide.

This is a great introduction to making your own specialized stationary.

Each student will press a dozen greeting cards.

Benjamin Meeker has had a long time love for old school arts and crafts. He was particularly drawn to letterpress, and two years ago he bought his first press. Benjamin is married to April Meeker. They have three kids and a big hound dog. He practices law in San Clemente California.

with Jennifer Dreshler-Vu

Early screen printing can be traced as far back as 960 AD in China. This simple form of printing uses ink blocking stencils applied to screen mesh to create reproducible images. Andy Warhol may have made the process famous, but you will use the same process to create your own work of art from stencil design to ink mixing and application. Various stencil images and ink colors will be available to work with.

Jennifer Drechsler-Vu first fell in love with hand printing in an Introduction to Printmaking class in college over 20 years ago. Jennifer finds particular joy in sharing with others her enthusiasm for modern applications of age old art forms in sewing, embroidery and hand process printing.
Jennifer Dreshler-Vu is the owner of Delicious Design

 With April Meeker

This class was developed through the influence of today's pop artists, Shepard Fairey and Banksy.
Students will learn the process of creating portraits using layers of texture and shapes.  This class will not require any sketching or drawing skills. 

April Meeker began her art career as a jewelry designer but has since expanded into other mediums. Her illustrations have been used in music videos, web design, branding concepts and paper crafting. Most recently,  she has begun licensing her collage work for greeting cards. 

With Canela Lemoine

Students will be introduced to the ancient craft of silver smithing. Each student will learn metal stamping, texturizing, welding and finishing techniques as they create a wide sterling silver band. This class will send you well on your way to creating your own unique jewelry pieces. As always, we encourage students to customize their projects. Come with ideas of what you might like to do with your band!

Canela Lemoine is the designer and owner of Cinnamon*Sticks Design. Her work has been purchased by people all over the world. Cinnamon*Sticks jewelry is currently in high demand and Canela is constantly working on new designs and products. You can purchase Cinnamon*Sticks Jewelry online. Canela lives in Redlands, California with her husband and six children.