Prospector Artisan Workshops were developed to help students try a variety of arts and crafts and hopefully find one that inspires them to use their creativity beyond what they learn in class. Studies have shown that people who pursue creative interests live longer, have less memory loss, and tend to lead happier lives.  Many of the friendships we make are formed through common interests and hobbies.

Every person is creative. Some people like to say they are not "creative".  There are only those who exercise their creativity and those who stifle or ignore this aspect of their personality.  Creativity is not benign. If we do not use the creative energy inside us, it will eventually metastasize and manifest itself in other, usually negative, ways.

Creativity is found, not just in making art, but in all walks of life. An engineer might find fulfillment in conceiving plans for a new project. An athlete may dream up new plays and movements. A stay-at-home parent might enjoy putting together task charts or coming up with new recipes.

The key is to tap into what it is that makes your creative spirit come alive and then cultivate it.

Our workshops allow students to experiment with different mediums in a relaxed environment. 
The upcoming workshops will be held on:

May 25th & 26th 2012

Screen Printing
Pop Art Panel

Each student will do all four classes. Lunch is provided as are most of the supplies required for each class.  Students will be asked to bring a small list of basic supplies such as scissors and paint brushes.

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